Design and Engineering

With our own capacities and in cooperation with our verified suppliers of specializations, we will ensure:

- elaboration of an architectural study;

- focus on the current state of the building;

- elaboration of a survey of the existing building;

- elaboration of a project of new construction or reconstruction including all necessary specializations (electrical installation, heating, fire safety solutions, etc.);

- elaboration of proposals for rehabilitation and static security of the building and other structures;

- elaboration of the project of roads, parking lots and paved areas;

- elaboration of engineering networks project;

- elaboration of documentation for zoning and building permits for buildings;

- elaboration of documentation of the actual construction;

- elaboration of architectural interior design.

In the field of engineering:

- ensuring engineering activities in the phase of land and construction proceedings;

(including consultations with authorities and relevant state administration bodies);

- ensuring copyright supervision;

- ensuring technical supervision of the construction;

- ensuring the construction tender;

- ensuring the building approval.